Barnet Football Club

Nugent: Injury Update
“He was playing really well on Saturday. It was such a shame for him. He was one of our best players, on this league start debut as well.”
“He’s broken his arm. He’s had surgery on it. That’ll be him out for the season. But hopefully he’ll recover well.”
“We haven’t seen him this week, he’s been at home recuperating. The medical team will get him in next week and he’ll start his fitness work and get on top of this programme. 
But we won’t see him before then end of the season on the pitch.”
Kevin also gave an update on other players who are slowly making their returns.
“We had a training game during the week which was good. 
Pearson played 45 minutes which was excellent. 
Unfortunately Jack Taylor didn’t make that one, but he’s coming back into training soon.”